Almoraz® Premium Manikchaman Green Grapes (1 Metric Ton)

$ 1,129.00 excl. shipping and taxes

  • Farm Fresh Export Quality
  • Average weight per bunch is 140 to 170 gm
  • Evenly distributed
  • Package size 5kg / 10kg / 20kg
  • Packaging Type = Carton, Crate
  • Season is January to March (confirm orders by December for best quality)
  • MOQ = 20 Metric Ton


In stock

Title Unit Range Price per Unit
Slab 1 2 - 10 $ 1,072.55
Slab 2 11 - 20 $ 1,016.10
Slab 3 (Best Buy) 20 + $ 959.65


Manikchaman is a seedless variety of green grapes from India. It has wide adaptability with seedless, ellipsoidal-elongated, golden-yellow berries and medium-thin skin. The juice is straw coloured, sweet with a TSS of 20-22%. Variety has a good keeping quality and is used for table purpose and raisin making. This variety is specifically suitable for making Raisins. However, demand for farm fresh Manikchaman seedless green grapes is increasing by leaps and bounds in India, Asia and Middle East nations.


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